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Mara Fein <maraharv@...>

Can anyone go to the Montgomery County Records Center in Dayton, Ohio to get
a copy of a petition of naturalization and intention for me? I am willing
to pay for any costs. I have the exact record numbers so it should be
pretty easy.

I have been trying to get a copy of my great grandfather's Petition of
Naturalization >from the Montgomery County Records Center since early
February when I sent in a check with the exact record number. When I call
they just keep telling me they'll send it and then they don't. I sent it
February and it's now almost June.

I have located an entire section of living family that may be mine and this
record is my last chance to figure it out.

Please reply confidentially.

Mara Fein
Los Angeles

Searching FRIEDMAN/FREEDMAN (Dayton, Hartford), GORDON (Kharkov, Russia;
Hartford; Holyoke); GOOTER (Kharkov, Hartford), GOLDMAN (Hartford),
BRAUNHOLTZ (Hartford), HECHT (Galicia, New York), WEINSTEIN (New York),
McCULLOUGH (Hartford)

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