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Hazanjo <hazanjo@...>

from what was said to me yesterday, any FOIA request sent to another office
which is a genealogy request will ultimately be sent to the Missouri office.
I sent all of my requests to USCIS Records Unit in Arlington, VA, but so far
they've all been transferred to Missouri. If you're uncertain, call them

Hazel Sandow Boon
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Researching: HABER - Zhurów, Galicia; STARK - Warsaw, Poland;
SADOVSKI/SADOWSKY - Belchatów & Lodz, Poland;

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From: "Diane Goldman" <>

Thanks for sharing this, Hazel. But could you clarify? (Or could
someone else clarify, if they know the answer to my question below?)

Does this refer to FOIA requests previously sent to INS?
Or is it for any genealogy-related FOIA request, regardless of the U.S.
government office involved?

Maryland, USA

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