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A new book will be launched on May 30, 2004, which should interest those of
you whose families are >from Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, and Sczuczin, Poland.
It is the new biography of Abe Abrahamson entitled "The Moon Can Wait: A
Biography of The Hon A.E. Abrahamson" (published by Viking, ISBN:
0670047996) and written by Paul Clingman with a forward by Helen Suzman.

Abrahamson and his family, who were originally known as Kacprowski in
Sczuczin, Poland, and related to Jacobzinners, Finkelsteins and Shawzins,
among others, have been prominent personalities in the life of Southern
Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) for a number of generations and have contributed
much to not only local and national affairs, but international activities as

Abe Abrahamson, who now lives in South Africa, achieved not only commercial
success, but became Rhodesian Minister of Treasury and Local Government in
1958 and subsequently served in the Rhodesian Parliament, 1953-1965. He
continues to be prominent in Jewish affairs.

Recently, the family came to world attention when Abe Abrahamson's uncle,
the oldest Jew in Zimbabwe, Leizer Abrahamson, age 105, was mentioned in
dispatches in connection with the burning of the Bulawayo Shul last year.

The book can be obtained >from the following book dealers (Amazon does not
carry it at the present time, but may in the future):

Ann Rabinowitz

Note: This is a one time, non-commercial, advisement. I have no financial
interest in this publication. The book dealers' website info is provided to
facilitate locating where to purchase the book as it presently has limited

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