From privatbeamter to Branntwein #austria-czech

Thomas F. Weiss

Dear fellow members of Austria-Czech,

I have followed with great interest the discussion of
"privatbeamter." Thanks to Celia's well-known persistence and the
contributions of many others, we have all learned a great deal of the
subtleties. I should point out that I found the term both in
meldezettel (residence records) and in annual address books (Lehmann)
used as one word or two. In the address books, the word is
abbreviated as Priv. Bmt. as if it were two words. So I am not sure
which usage predominated.

But, I have a new puzzle. My great grandmother's occupation
is listed as "Branntwein Berschl." There seems to be a centered dot
between the two words and the second word is clearly an abbreviation.
Branntwein means a fortified wine, spirit, or brandy. But, what does
that second abbreviation mean?

Once again, many thanks for your thoughts,

Tom Weiss

Thomas Fischer Weiss
Newton, MA

FRENKEL (Buchach, Vienna); BUCHHALTER (Skalat); ENGEL (Vienna);
FISCHER (Hriskov, Schlan, Prague); FRAENKEL, FRUCHTER (Rozhnyatov,
Vienna); KATZ (Schlan); KLEPETAR (Jistebnice); MEISELS (Nadworna,
Vienna); OLLOP (Vienna); ORLIK (Pohor, Jistebnice, Benesov, Tabor);
QUADRATSTEIN (Vienna, Saarbrucken); VODICKA (Dobronitz, Jistebnice,
Benesov, Tabor)

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