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Dear Genners,

Leave it to JewishGen to help jump-start a [perceived]
brick wall situation. (How many metaphors can I mix
in one sentence?) I have received the best assistance
in the shortest amount of time possible. While I have
thanked those who have helped me individually, they
deserve group recognition for their wonderful

In days I received: e-mails with remembrances of
Morris Miller's store, names of contacts who worked in
the liquor industry with the Millers, newspapers
clippings of obituaries and society notices about the
family, census information AND the name and phone
number of Morris Miller's surviving daughter-in-law.

I cannot say enough about the generosity of the
members of this group.

So, since I am going to be in the D.C. area this week,
I thought I'd run the names of another part of the
family past the group to see if anyone remembers these
people. I doubt if they are as well-known as Morris
Miller but here it goes.

My husband's great-grandmother brought her siblings
over >from "Austria" sometime after 1906. For reasons
that I do not know, while Gussie/Gittel GLASSER nee
BLAU b. 1889 resided in NYC, her sisters all moved to
D.C. Her brother Yitzak BLAU, remained in NYC.

So, does anyone remember:

Sara GERSTENFELD died 1977 Washington, DC
Leon Gerstenfeld died 1981 Washington, DC
children: Frances and Ann
Oscar SISLEN died 2001 Silver Spring, MD

Hilda SPENCER nee BLAU, married to ???? SPENCER
Hilda SPENCER died 1989 Albany, CA
child: Frances
Frances SPENCER married ???? COTTER [div]
Frances lives in Albany, CA

Pauline Unknown nee BLAU, married to husband Unknown
child: Ruth
Ruth Unknown married Harry H. BLUE
Harry BLUE died 1995 in Washington, DC

Isabelle GOTTLIEB nee BLAU, married to Max GOTTLIEB
Isabelle GOTTLIEB died 1973 Beverly Hills, CA
Max GOTTLIEB died 1986 Beverly Hills, CA

Yitzak BLAU m. wife Unknown
children: Edward H. and Ruth
Edward H. BLAU married Dorothy A. Unknown
Edward H. BLAU died 1985 Woodmere, NY
Dorothy A. BLAU died 2000 Woodmere, NY

Any help or suggestions are welcome. We do have
occassional contact with France SPENCER-COTTER but she
has not been a help with information about the family.

Much thanks in advance,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

Researching >from this branch only:
BLAU - "Austria"
GLASSER - Boston

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