Matzo in Coffee the final word ... [Absolutely final #germany

Ben Forman

Hi Genners (and dad bcc'd)

When I sent the email below on Thursday evening, I wanted to find out
if other people shared this tradition, I'm not sure exactly what
response I expected but I have been totally taken aback by the breadth
and warmth of the 35 responses I have had back >from Genners with
ancestry across Central and Eastern Europe who share this tradition in
one way of another.

For interest, and for the archives, this tradition is shared by Jewish
communities >from Germany, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Switzerland;
it goes by the name Matza Coffee, Matza Kaffee, Matza Pudding,
Eingbrockte Matze, Brocken and Matza Brocken.

Several Genners thanked me for bringing back happy memories of parents
and grandparents - thank you all also for sharing those memories with me.

I am now ending this thread in the only way possible - with a cup of
coffee, poured over a bowl of broken matza, liberally sprinkled with sugar.

Chag Sameach - Ben Forman Manchester UK ben.r.forman@...

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