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On Jun 7, 2004, Varda Epstein wrote:

I have done the same thing, but in my own case, I became fascinated in
the yichus of a certain third cousin and discovered that because they lived in a
small community: Old Jerusalem, our common relatives were likely to have dual
relationships. That led me to a very important, not to mention pleasurable part
of my research.
Exactly! These connections are what make genealogy so much fun. While researching
the family of one of my wife's GGG uncle's, I found two other connections among
her siblings to other branches of her family, a sister whose son's wife
half-brother married a 1C2R, and a brother whose son married another 1C1R. Two of
these relations were previously on the tree, but making the connection, plus
making a lot of new friends, is what makes this type of research so enlightening.
There's also the rare occurrence of siblings marrying sibling in-laws.

It's the same reason that when you visit a cemetery you don't just look at the
gravestone(s) of the known relatives, but of those nearby, or in the same row. You
might just find a sibling, niece, nephew, or even parent not too far away.

Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

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