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Thomas F. Weiss

Dear fellow JGenners,
I need your advice and your help. Here is my story.
For 20 months during 1940-1941, my mother and I were refugees in Europe.
Most of that time was spent in France awaiting various documents required to
escape Europe. We lived in Neris-les-Bains and Marseille. In October 1941, when
I was about 6 years old, my mother and I tried to leave France and enter Spain via
the Pyrenees Mountains, a common escape route. We were arrested in Cerbere by
customs officers who worked out of the civil court in Ceret. I have a copy of the
report of the arresting officers. We spent some time in jail and were eventually

I have written to various agencies in France to try to learn more about our lives
in France. At first I sent emails and letters in English and received few
response. Then, with the help of a friend, I sent emails and letters in French.
I have had little or no luck in getting any information.

I have written to the mayor's office in Neris-les-Bains to see if they had an
records of our lives there.

I wrote to civil offices in Cerbere and Ceret. I did get one reponse to an email
which said that information about arrest and court proceedings might be found in
archives located in Perpignan. I wrote to the archives in French and have
received no response.

I am stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might get further
information? I am writing a family history for my grandchildren and would like to
include as much factual information as I can.

Many thanks for your consideration,
Tom Weiss
Newton, MA

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