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Ricki L. Zunk <nockbockle@...>

After many years of searching for members of my mother's COHAN-COPLIN-COPELAND
family >from Philadelphia, PA, I finally got a small piece of information about a
few cousins by the name of FRIEDMAN. The problem is that the addresses and phone
numbers I have are no longer viable. After begging and pleading with every source
I could find, I was finally told that DR. Neil FRIEDMAN and DR. Stuart FRIEDMAN
(sons of Charles FRIEDMAN and Elaine RAND) are now "both living in the Greater
Philadelphia area."

Charles FRIEDMAN (son of Tillie COPLIN and Joseph FRIEDMAN) was a teacher and then
a school principal in the Philadelphia school system. I know that Charles and
Elaine lived in the area near Temple Stadium in the 1950s. I think that Charles
died some time ago, and Elaine remarried (don't know her "new" husband's surname).
I don't know if Elaine is still alive or not.

A cousin who used to be in contact with the family (last contact about 6-7 yrs.
ago) told me that Dr. Neil FRIEDMAN (now about 57 years of age, graduated >from
Lower Merion H.S.) used to live in Albuquerque, NM, but now he may live "somewhere
in the Philly area." And, she said that Dr. Stuart FRIEDMAN (a few years younger
than his brother Neil) is also living "somewhere in the Philly area." Beyond
that, she could not say.

So, since I have not been able to find these men through family members or through
public records that I can access >from 1200 miles away, I took the chance that
maybe someone who belongs to this discussion group just might know or know about
these men, and hopefully help me make contact with either or both of them.

If anyone reading this post can shed ANY light on these folks, please contact me
privately at , and fill me in on whatever you might

Thanks in advance,

(Mrs.) Ricki L. Zunk
South Florida, USA

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