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Harvey L Kaplan of Glasgow writes: "Can anyone shed any light on the ESCHKENAZI
family, who appear in Glasgow in the Census of 1901? Joseph Eschkenazi and his
wife Sarah (Spina) were both born in Turkey, and married in Malta on 7 Sept 1889.

Harvey, you probably know that there are many variants of the name Eskenazi and it
also appears as Schinazi, Askenazi, Eskenazy etc etc. Many families of that name
ended up in Egypt and may well have come via Constantinople. It was only a short
hop to Malta >from Alexandria, so perhaps that is the route this family took

What is also interesting is my discovery that in the 1881 census of England and
Wales, there is a whole group of scholars [mostly Jewish, I suspect] living at
Edmonton House, Lower Fore St, Edmonton, North London in the household of the 84
year old Henry N Solomon - schoolmaster and his daughter Dinah Solomon aged 54.
There are assorted relatives and maidservants and 17 pupils ranging in age for 7
to 18.

One of the pupils is Jacob ESKENAZI aged 14 born in Constantinople. Harry {10}and
Charles {8} EDER come >from South America; Henry TWALBE {11} >from Canada; Lucien
LEVY {18} >from Strasbourg; A.T. Brigham {17] >from Lisbon. The other eleven are all
English-born boys. I wonder if Jacob could perhaps be a brother or cousin of
Joseph? I cannot find him in England and Wales in 1891 or 1901.

How I wish we could find some first-hand accounts of life in Edmonton House in the

Celia Male [UK]

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