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I am a descendant of Rabbi Jehuda ASHKENAZI (Author of Be'er Heteev),
Av Beth Din in Tictin (near Bialystok, Poland).
(He died in Koenigsberg in 1745).

At least 2 of his sons (Simon and Joseph) settled in the Netherlands.
I am a decendant of Joseph.

The family in the Netherland calls itself FRANKFORT, till the present

This descendancy has been researched in detail.

Less obvious is the descendancy of Rabbi Jehuda himself as a TREVES.

(a rabbinical dynasty traditionally claiming descent >from Rashi).

Evidence is contradictory.

It is strange that the Dutch offspring of Rabbi Jehuda Ashkenazi does
not mention in any way a possible TREVES connection, aggravating my
doubts, that this may be the case.

I am looking for evidence that may help to prove this point, one way or

As a av beth din in Tictin he must have signed court decisions or
psikoth,or opinions, and the like.
How did he sign those ?
The way he signed his name may be a clue in my research, specifically
whether "Treves" was added to his signature.
Does anyone know if this material still exists and if so, where is it
located ?

How can it be researched ?

Any suggestions or clues are well appreciated.

Ben Noach
Ramat-Gan (Israel).


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