INTRO - Seeking ARON and LEVY #germany

Amit Steinberg <amitos77@...>

Dear Gerssigers,

I have just joined the group. I live now in Berlin, Germany. My
native language is Hebrew. I speak English and German.

My goals are to locate as much information as I can about the family
of my great-grandmother, Ida ARON, who's lived in Germany for hundreds
of years before World War 2.
Names and towns -

ARON - oldest ancestor known to me is Moritz ARON, who lived in Bad
Kreuznach in the 19th century. He married Emilie LEVY. Children
- Paula ARON, b. Bad Kreuznach, d. before WWII in Frankfurt am Main,
married ? SCHLESINGER. Children: Kurt and Erna SCHLESINGER, both
immigrated to the USA. Erna SCHLESINGER married John KRAEMER in
Chicago. There are living descendants, but no contacts.

- Emma Aron, b. 1877 Bad Kreuznach, d. 1942 in Jacoby Institute, Sayn.
No known descendants.

- Elvira Aron, b. 1877 Bad Kreuznach, d. est. 1942 in Minsk Ghetto,
Belarus. Moved to Frankfurt/Main, m. Engelbert HRISS >from Czech
descent. In contact with a living descendent.

- Ida ARON b. 1879 Bad Kreuznach, d. 1953 Tel-Aviv. Moved to Frankfurt
am Main, married Fritz STEINBERG, immigrated to Palestine in 1934.

- Max ARON b. 1892 Bad Kreuznach, d. 1918 France. Moved to Berlin,
married Claire van Vilet, died as a soldier in WWI. No known

LEVY - only member known is Emilie LEVY, wife of Moritz ARON. Lived in
Bad Kreuznach in the 19th century. No further information.

If you have any information you would like to share, please contact me.

Thank you,

Amit Steinberg,, Berlin, Germany

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