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Does anyone know anything about Klasna, Poland where my grandparents were born?
It seems to be a town that no longer exists. The spelling of the name of the town could be the German version.

Heinrich FRIEDMANN a.k.a. Herrmann (Hirsch):
b. 20.March 1864 in Klasna, district of Wieliczka, Poland.
d. 17.January 1935, at the age of seventy in Ostrava, according to the date engraved on the monument. However, my father David FRIEDMANN documents that the date of death was 1934. (The Jewish cemetery no longer exists.)

b. 20.August 1856 in Klasna, district of Wieliczka, Poland.
d. 14.December 1941 at the age of eighty-five in Ostrava.

David FRIEDMANN had 2 brothers and 1 sister:
-Marie, b. 6.Dec.1888, Maehrisch Ostrau. d. Oct. 1942, Treblinka. Marie was married to Eisig FEUER, born 28.Feb.1877.
-Adolf, b. 10.Dec.1895, Maehrisch Ostrau. d. 29. June 1941, Berlin.
-Isidor, b. 17.Nov.1897, Maehrisch Ostrau. d. Oct. 1942, Treblinka. Isidor was married to Sali, born 8. Jan. 1902. They had two children, Salomon, born 27. Feb. 1931, Eugenie, born 21.Aug.1933. All perished in Treblinka.

Heinrich had a sister Rosalie FRIEDMANN who married Joachim KLUGER.
They had a son Max (b.11.Jan.1887 in Lipnik, d. 18.May 1944 in Auschwitz.)

I believe Heinrich may have had a brother who went to Nisko. This brother had daughters.

More information about Max KLUGER:
His wife Leontine (maiden name KARPELOVA) b. 17.Nov.1891 in Mor. Ostrava, d. 18.May 1944 in Auschwitz.

Their children:
Robert, b. 10.Feb.1918 in Mor. Ostrava - further fate not known.
Zuzana, b. 25. Jan. 1920 in Mor. Ostrava, d. 6. Sep. 1943 in Auschwitz.

Mirim Friedman Morris
New York

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