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Joyce Field

We would be delighted to receive more translations >from the Pinkas
HaKehillot volumes. To read the translations done thus far, log on
to, and scroll down
to Regions and then to the individual country names. The table of
contents for each volume--if available-- indicates the name of all
the towns in that volume and the highlighted names are those which
have been translated.

The total number of communities translated per volume is below.
Hundreds more need to be done. Please help out by translating the
chapters on your ancestral towns and submitting them to JewishGen.
Contact me personally for details.

Greece--preface and introduction

Hungary: 18 chapters

Latvia: 6 chapters

Lithuania: 13 chapters

v. 1 --preface, introduction, 50 chapters
v. 2 --23 chapters
v. 3 --9 chapters
v. 4 --6 chapters
v. 5 --1 chapter
v. 6 --0
v. 7 --43 chapters

v. 1 --2 chapters
v. 2 --4 chapters

TOC, list of communities, and brief history

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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