JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Questions about German reparation fund for forced laborers #general

Sara Wenger <sara_wenger@...>

In Haaretz there was an article today entitled:
"70,000 survivors to get 2,556 euros in reparations"
Does anyone know how to get more information about
this fund and who is entitled to the reparations?
My late father was a holocaust survivor who never
collected any reparations out of principle (so he
said). However I later found out that he had had to
change his name and identity to enter Canada after the
war and logic would say that he actually couldn't
apply for reparation for fear of being deported.
Through my genealogical search I have found huge
families that I never knew a thing about and it has
started to embroil me as to how their estates and
business were stolen and my father never received any
compensation whatsoever. Above and beyond that, he/we
actually suffered financially through the years and
could have really used the money.
So my question is - is there any fund that I can claim
as an heir to a Holocaust survivor? (He was Hungarian
and deported to Auschwitz as a teenager) Any
compensation that I can claim would not touch what was
stolen >from my father but it might help to vindicate
to some extent the irreplacable loss.

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