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Wayne N. Frankel <wnf@...>

Dear Listers,

Does anyone know something about the shtetl of Jure (or Yura or Yure
or Jura), approximately 75 mi west of Vilna? In particular I'm
looking to see where the records >from there might be located. The
RTR database doesn't get to a JURE or YURE, the ALD doesn't seem to
get there either using this town name (dutch-molikoff soundex),
although somewhere else it may have been listed as part of Suwalk
gubernya. Its not listed under Jure (etc) under the Litvak shtetl
links either, nor does it seem to be listed in the Suwalk-Lomza SIG
list of towns or in the LitvakSIG shtetl list.

Please email me directly if you know something about Jure.

Thanks for your help,

Wayne Frankel
Bar Harbor

CHABATSKI, ICHKOWITZ >from all kinds of places including Vilkaviskis,
Vievis, Jure, Konin, Dzernsbik, Kalish, Bialystock hopefully not too
many others!

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