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Dear all,
I have finished with the following FHL films; they do not get sent back until 23
July. If you would like me to do lookups for you, please email me privately.
Please do not email me for requests which are *not* on these 3 films. I go to
the FHL only on Friday mornings, so it might take a while.

Bay County, Michigan
Index to births 1874-1933
Arrrangment is first by year, then by first letter of last name, then by
certificate volume number.
*No* actual birth certificates are on this roll, so you need to know only the
last name and approximate year of birth. What you will get will be a book
(volume) number and a page number. These are where the actual certificates are
to be found. The FHL has copies of the birth certificates >from 1868-1911 *only*
on other roll numbers.

New York County, New York [includes Bronx 1905 street addresses]
Card index to street names and house addresses in New York County, for the New
York state census for 1905, 1915 and 1925

I can look up Assembly & Election Districts used on the NY State Census for the
following addresses ONLY:
251 East 86 St. - 551 East 119 St.

Shelly Weiner
Henderson NV USA

BYCZOK BYCHKOFF BICHKOFF Walkowiska, Poland to Detroit MI / FELDMAN Hungary to
New Brunswick NJ / MOSKOWITZ MOSS Russia to Bay City MI to Detroit MI /
Ukraine to Detroit, MI / SMOLYAR SMOLYIAR SMOLAR SMOLER Wlodzimierzec or
Vladimirets, Ukraine to Detroit MI

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