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Alexander Sharon

Nicolas Trokiner wrote
Hello again,

Thanks to all for your answers. I'll answer to all of them, individually. But I
think I was unclear in my 1st message. I didn't mention the surnames of the
groom and the bride, which are not Ejzikowicz and Rubinowicz.

So we have (with the declinations of the first names this time)
* for the groom, « Mechel Oselka, son of Szymona and Tauby Ejzikowiczow.
* for the bride, « Syma Glasman, daughter of Moska and Ity Rubinowiczow.

Thanks again for your further comments.

Nicolas Trokiner
This additional information changes the whole picture.

What has been originally written in Polish document has been incorrectly
translated and/or interpreted.

In the reproduced above Polish text link-letter [z] is missing. By adding
this link-letter,
text: "Mechel Oselka, syn Szymona i Tauby [z] Ejzikowiczow", translates as
Mechel Oselka, son of Szymon and Tauba nee Ejzikowicz.

And the corrected text "Syma Glasman, corka Moska i Ity [z ] Rubinowiczow
now make sense as:

Syma Glasman, daughter of Mosiek i Ita nee Rubinowicz.

In summary: certificate attests to the marriage between Mechel Oselka, son
of Szymon and Tauba (nee Ejzikowicz) Oselka and
Syma Glasman, daughter of Mosiek and Ita (nee Rubinowicz) Glasman.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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