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On July 1,04 Denise Azbill ( asked whether anyone knew of
the sculptor Leon Saulter, b. 1908.

My interest in art history prompted me to do a quick internet search rather
than take the trouble to look for Saulter at Indiana University's Art Library.

Almost immediately through "google" I found the artist mentioned in an
October 1964 oral history interview between sculptor Eugenia Everett and
interviewer Betty Hoag, which took place in Ojai, California. See:

in which Ms. Everett mentioned a Leon Smalter. Ms. Hoag asked whether she did
not intend to refer to Leon Saulter, and Ms. Everett said yes,she had meant
to say Leon Saulter, and that "he was here in Ojai" and that "his wife had
located one of his [sculptures] in someone's garden..."

Another website at :

lists "The Kiss of Sex" a sculpture which is touted to be "the most erotic
work of Leon Saulter's prolific career as a world-renowned master sculptor of
the 20th Century." Expecting to view a photograph of the sculpture, I clicked
on the sculpture's title but was immediately switched to a site displaying sexy
girls inviting me to visit their porn websites. Disappointed and a bit
shocked, I beat a hasty retreat!

but then I found at:

a brief biography of Belgium-born George Weiss who emigrated to the US in
1955, and studied with Leon Saulter "the well-known sculptor and painter..."
Weiss settled in California.

Another site I found lists someone who is looking for an artist who signs his
work as L. Saulten or L. Saulter. This person, who listed his email address,
has four sketches of musicians, signed and dated 1967 and 1968.

So now we know that Leon Saulter emigrated to the US and apparently settled
in California. Neither he or his wife could be still alive, but Ms.Azbill
should try to search for him and his children (if he had any) in that state. She
could try looking for Saulters in California online. If he did have children,
she may be able to contact one of them.

Also, Perhaps more about Saulter's life and work can be found in one of the
books or encyclopedias on American art.

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