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Stan Goodman <SPAM_FOILER@...>

On Fri, 2 Jul 2004 09:43:34 UTC, (Eve Line
Blum) opined:
As you are so numerous, I can't write to each of you, and I hope you
won't mind if I write with the "Undisclosed-Recipient" system which
allows me, besides Jewishgen, to thank each one at a time.
"Undisclosed Recipient" is not as good a choice as it may appear to be. Many
people, myself among them, have observed that most messages so addressed are
spam or junkmail, and reject them out of hand, unread.

A better solution is to send messages with "single address disclosed", if
your mail client has such an option. If it doesn't, that fact is a good
indicator of the worth of the mail client, and ought to be viewed as a
reason to look for another way to send and receive email.

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