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In the case in which given names of ancestors are unknown,
the headstone is a useful searching tool. We are trying to
locate the headstones of several of my wife's and my ancestors
for this purpose. In my wife's case there is, in Massachusetts
where her ancestors are buried, such an organization.
the Jewish Cemetary Association of Massachusetts(JACM),
and we are pursuing that direction (for a fee of
course). they will track down the cemetary, and do
the legwork involved.

In the case of my paternal grandmother, Etta Wouk, nee Cantor,
'born in baronowitz' (possibly the uyezd where she was born,
we have a different birthplace >from the Ellis Island records
which is not completely legible), we want to find her
parents' names, which would be on her headstone.
She died (c. 1937) while living in New York city, so
both new york state and new jersey are possible locations for her

Is there any service like that provided by the JACM
for this area?

Searching: Cantor, Wouk, Epstein, Levine, Feldman
to email me, delete blackhole. >from my return address

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