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Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Dear Andres,

This list has been created >from the listing in the Journal Officiel of
France, Legifrance. The listing was developed >from those who claimed
death certificates for their lost family members. So it would seem that
someone has made such a claim >from the French government for the family
members you have found. It has nothing to do with German lists, etc.

There is a Link to both the sites of Legifrance, and the reformatting of
Daniel Carouge and Patrick Cheylan on the web site of the FrenchSIG which explains this matter.

Rosanne Leeson

Andres Carciente wrote:

I have found in the
site the death dates of members of my family
deported >from France.

I tried to contact Mr. Patrick CHEYLAN who is in
charge with the page, but did not get any answer.

I wanted to ask what is his source?
Did the germans keep any records in Auschwitz ???
I am asking, because he is not only providing the
year, but also the month and the day of death!!!

I would appreciate any orientation!

Andres Carciente

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