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I have found in the AGAD indices a possible relative whose name is given as
"Isak Ismach r. SPRITZER", born in the 1870s. (There are also other names,
male and female, given in the same form.) I have not seen the full record,
but >from spellings of other names in the index, it appears that the records
are in German, rather than Polish. I have no background in German, so I
can't guess what the "r." abbreviation may represent. Can anyone help?

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

ISMACH: >from Lomza Gubernia, Galicia, and Ukraina
HERTANU, ABRAMOVICI, LAUER: >from Dorohoi District, Romania
GRISARU, VATARU: >from Iasi, Dorohoi, and Mileanca, Romania

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