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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
In my Genealogy I mising information about a brother and a sister of my
grandmother Johanna BRUNNECK Born 17.09.1872 in Culm,West Prussia, Die
10.02.1957 in Jerusalem Israel.
her brother Gustav BRUNNECK is born in Culm,West Prussia in 1869 and die on
03.12.1958 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was married to Erna (nee ?),
Erna die in Berlin in the 60s of the 20 century. The have 2 children as I
know Arthur and Louis.

Martha BRUNNECK lived in New York and have 2 children , I think that
she was married with ? ARNDT .The name of the children was: Ruth, born
1902 and Kurt born 09. 08.1904 and die in New York on 20. 07. 1997

My Grandmother have more sisters and brothers: Max , Bertha , Theodor ,but
I don't have any information about them.

The all was the children of Samuel Brunneck born 18. 09. 1844 in Culm and
die also in Culm on 18. 07. 1907 and Pauline nee MULLER born ? and die in
Culm on 12. 07. 1918.

Who can help me with more information ? please response privately
to uryl@...

Thanks in advance
Ury Link

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