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On July 25,04, Phyllis Bosworth (Phylboz@...) said she ewas looking for
information about "Suroki" in Bessarabia.

I think Ms. Bosworth wants information about Soroki also known as "Soroka" or
Soroca)in Moldova/ Bessarabia. "Where We Once Walked" says it is 130
kilometers north northwest of Kishinev. Its pre-WW II Jewish population was 5,452.

It is in Kishinev that Soroki's extant records are kept, according to Miriam
Weiner's "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova."

Other Jewishgenners are also interested in Soroki. Ms Bostworth may want to
correspond with those she finds through Jewishgen's Family Finder and its
Discussion Group and Special Interest Group message archives.

Eliyahu Feldman has written a paragraph about Soroki's history, which can be
read at:

A history of the Jews of Moldova by Betsy Gidwitz can be read at:

A "google" search revealed that a few photographs of Soroca [sic] are
available for sale by a dealer I know to be reputable.

Ms. Bosworth may also want to visit the entry for Soroki at:

At this site there is a paragraph about its Mutual Aid Socity,Landsmanshaft,
and other Soroki organizations, whose documents in various languages are
available at YIVO

A bibliography about Moldova's Jews can be found at:

Surely some of these books discuss Soroki. Although the above is a British
website, Ms.Bosworth can probably find some of the books at her nearest
university library or order them through an interlibrary loan program.

The Chabad Lubavitc website at:

indicates that currently a few remaining Jews in small towns like Bendari,
Tiraspol, Orgel and Soroki celebrate Sukkoth.

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