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Chuck Weinstein <cmw521@...>

It is even more unlikely that Puerto Rico would have been included in the
1890 census than was suggested; Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain until
1898, when the US took it as a prize following the Spanish American War.

Part of the study of genealogy must necessarily involve an understanding of
history, and more specifically, the history of the area you are researching.
There have been many posts on this and other forums within JewishGen that
indicate a lack of understanding of the fact that Poland ceased to exist as
a separate country in 1795 and did not exist again until 1919; that Russia
included large areas that today are other sovereign nations, or that the map
of Europe was completely redrawn in 1919 and again in 1945, moving borders
and creating new countries where none had existed before. The same process
was then repeated on a more limited scale in the 1990's.

If you are going to be a student of genealogy, you need to also be a student
of history. The lives of our ancestors were not lived in a vacuum; they
were profoundly affected by the political winds that swirled around them.

Chuck Weinstein in Commack, NY

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