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J Schamroth <jscham@...>

Now that the dust has settled and many viewers have expressed their opinion
on this topic, I would to make a few final comments.

Mr Bernet did not dismiss the recording of Kohen/Levite status out of hand.
He did qualify his statement, and it was remiss of me not to have quoted his
comments in full. It turns out that Mr Bernet and I are not sitting on
opposite sides of the fence, as we both agree that >from a genealogical point
of view, knowlege of Kohen/Levite status is certainly of importance *provided*
that it is used in conjunction with other data.

Furthermore, we both agree that linking Kohen/Levite status to a specific
geographic location adds much more certainty and reliablility to a search
for common ancestors. Thus two individuals sharing a common surname, a
common 'tribal' status, plus a common Shtetl are likely to be related. The
TribeFinder program at provides such a tribal/shtetl link
and can be of value to a genealogist.

Several readers on this Forum mistakenly believe the Kohen or Levite to be
one of the 12 tribes of Israel. (There were actually thirteen tribes since
the single tribe of Yosef gave rise to the two tribes of Efraim and
Menashe). In fact, only 'Levi' is a true tribe, whereas 'Yisrael' comprises
all the other tribes. This topic is discussed on the TribeFinder page.

J Schamroth

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