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Dear all,

My great-aunt Betsy Hupka-Barth lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and
recently passed away. She was married to Felix Hupka, who had since long
passed away. They lived in Amsterdam on Beethovenstraat XXX, 1077 JS,
since shortly after WWII.

According to her, the house she lived in was occupied by a jewish family
before the war. Apparently, this familiy was taken away and did not return.
I do not know the name of the family. As it turns out, the possessions of
this family were taken, except for the bedroom furniture. Why the bedroom
furniture was left behind, nobody knows. Maybe it was too big to take away.

In short, there is still a complete bedroom set which used to belong to the
jewish family that lived on Beethovenstraat XXX before WWII. The set
contains a linnen closet, double bed, two side-tables and a boudoir. It is
in art-deco style and all pieces match. The set has no great commercial
value (it has been valued at EUR 250,--) but it may have emotional value to
the (grand)children of said family or other relatives.

The bedroom set will be available untill 1 October 2004, when the joint
successors must empty the house. However, I cannot find them and I would
hope that you may help in finding them or contact them directly.

Thank you and kind regards,

Jonathan Barth

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