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Or Shani wrote:

<< I tried to obtain a death certificate of a supposedly
relative of mine. The SSDI (in more than one website)
mentioned that the woman died in Florida in 1991. I
ordered the death certificate >from Florida's State
Office of Vital Statistics and since there was only
one woman by that name who died in Florida in 1991 I
didn't write the SS# in the order form. (wrong, I

To my utter surprise and disappointment the death
certificate that came was of another woman, by the
same name but with a different SS# and with a birth
date which was different than the one mentioned in the

So far Florida's State Office of Vital Statistics were
extremely nice and cooperative and they wrote back
that the death certificate of my relative who had the
SS# which appeared in the SSDI cannot be found in
Florida. >>

The problem is most likely that the person lived in Florida but died
somewhere else. The SSDI gives the state where the SSN was obtained, the state of
last residence, and the state where the death benefit, if any, was sent.
Obviously, the place of death isn't necessarily in any of these states. The death
certificate will have been filed in the state (or country) where the death
occurred. Unless you know where the person is likely to have traveled, you have a
large haystack in which to look for this needle.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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