JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Max FINKELSTEIN b. abt 1853 Poland d. 1937 CA, USA #general

Adelle Gloger

Julia VanZandt asked:

My questions: would it be possible or likely for an abandoned woman to
claim to be a widow when she was actually abandoned?
There is a situation in my family where the husband filed for divorce in 1933,
and the divorce was granted in 1934. He remarried and had other children.

He died in 1943. The first wife died in 1975. Her death notice stated she was
the widow of the late _________. Her death certificate listed her as a widow.
She never remarried.

The issue here was that obviously the first wife never accepted being

In the case that Julia presents about the wife being abandoned, perhaps she
was able to "save face" be saying she was abandoned rather than admit her
husband had divorced her. That would accound for her "widow" status.

Julia might contact the Probate Court where these people lived and verify the
divorce as I did in my family.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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