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Ira Leviton

To All,.

A recent posting:
I tried to obtain a death certificate... The SSDI (in more than one
website) mentioned that the woman died in Florida in 1991. I ordered the
death certificate >from Florida's State Office of Vital Statistics and
since there was only one woman by that name who died in Florida in 1991...
To my utter surprise and disappointment the death certificate that came
was of another woman, by the same name but with a different SS# and with a
birth date which was different than the one mentioned in the SSDI...<<<

The Social Security Administration does not have information on actual
location of death. Their information reflects the address in their
records (either where the last benefits were paid or the last residence
was). Although most people do indeed die in the state of their residence,
obviously not all do, so the information in the SSDI is not necessarily

There are probably other possible reasons for not finding this person
(such as she's still alive), but without more details, it's hard to know.

Ira Leviton
New York, N.Y.

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