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Joan Parker <joanparker@...>

Dear Genners:

After I posted about IrfanView I had some questions sent to me needing more
information. Those I answered. Anyone who still needs some clarification on using
IrfanView please contact me privately. If you don't have Irfan (remember it is a
free download

Briefly: Irfan will NOT open any database. It is just a great viewer such as
comes with photo software or bundled in your PC, but Irfan is more powerful.

Steve Morse wrote that enlargement can result in fuzziness. He also wrote about
using his missing manifest pages which also will allow for enlargements without
fuzziness. Which means there is more than one way to solve a problem and Steve,
Bless him, has solved so many problems for us. I certainly would try his method
also. You might find it easier.

Remember: Irfan works fine on the enlarged image >from whatever you have saved,
not the original one. If you need information how to enlarge and save a page >from
the original, in order to use Irfan, let me know. If you try to magnify the
original with IrfanView, you will lose resolution as Steve pointed out.

Joan Parker
Immediate Past President
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Miami, FL
Searching: GOLDBERG, GOODSTEIN, BERGER-Plock, Poland/Russia and Brooklyn, NY;
PINKUS, WINOGRAD, ROSEN-Brest, Litovsk; Grodno, Russia maybe Odessa, Ukraine,
Bronx and Brooklyn, NY;
GELFAND, YEHUDIS, KATZ-Minsk, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

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