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Annemarie Jutel <jutel@...>

My female relatives in the US seem invisible prior to their marriage and I
wonder if anyone has suggestions as to how I might "find" them. My great
grandmother, Sarah DROZDOWITZ, arrived in the US both prior to her marriage,
and prior to her father. So too, did her half sister, Ida. However, I
don't know if they arrived together or not. I place Sarah's arrival in
1889, and I suspect they both arrived in Illinois. Any suggestions as to
how to find them?

Annemarie Jutel
Dunedin, NZ

Ogden (UT), Indianapolis and New York. GOLDSTEIN Marijampol, HIRSCHLER
Manheim and Hessheim, MANHEIM Ottensoos, San Francisco, KAHN Hannover, San
Francisco LOEB Strasbourg, San Francisco and STEINBERG Marijampole(?),
Louisville, KY

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