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Steve Cohen <scohen@...>

Dear J'genners,

I have strong circumstantial evidence that the rock singer Nina Gordon
from Chicago is my 4th cousin. Her real name seems to be Nina Rachel
SHAPIRO, and she uses her mother's maiden name, GORDON, professionally.
She founded and then left the rock band "Veruca Salt". (I know nothing of
her music, actually.) Her older brother, Jim SHAPIRO (or James Gordon
SHAPIRO), was a drummer for this band, and then left also. My genealogical
interest is through her mother's GORDON side.

If you have direct knowledge of Nina, how to contact her, or about her
parents' names (which would prove her relationship), please contact me
privately. I have a probable descendancy chart, but need to be certain
before sticking my neck out and trying to reach her.


Steve Cohen
(Central New Jersey)

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