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I have noticed some bewildered questions on this forum as to
whether there were Jews in Czarist St. Petersburg, and how they
came to be there.
Yes, my paternal grandfather's father had done something that was
considered to be a great service to the Czar and, for this, he had
been awarded a permit to live in Petersburg, known as
the "Czar's own city."
Here comes another example:

My husband's great-grandfather, Abraham (Roslov) Ioselev KVIATKOWSKI (his
wife was Gute Zaimovna SHAITS) served many years - until 1866 - in the
Czar's army (in Ostashkov where he lived with his family) and then
volunteered for some more years. For this he was granted permission to
settle in any town of his choice and the permission was hereditary. He
chose St. Petersburg where the family lived until the late 1990'ies - when
the last members of the family emigrated to the US.

In the family we still have copies of the document granting this permission
(and it includes a thorough list of all the family members!) - it was
considered worth more than gold for many years.

P.S. I am still hoping for a St. Petersburg SIG! - or something like it.

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
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