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Dear Sheila:

For an answer to your second question regarding records of the Jewish
Community of Curacao, I refer you to Mr. Harry Ezratty of Baltimore and to
his written treasure, "500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean," Mr. Exratty is a
maritime attorney and noted authority on Sephardic Judaism, particularly as
it relates to Jews in the Carribbean.

You may contact me privately for Mr. Ezratty's snail mail address or, if you
will be in the Washington, DC area, Mr. Ezratty will be the featured speaker
at the September 12 meeting of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater
Washington. The meeting will be held at the Historical Synagogue at 6th & I

Marlene Bishow
Vice President, Programs

On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 15:15:23 EDT, Sheila Harrisson wrote

I have been researching one branch of my family, the Ribeiro family, through
the Amsterdam Archives and have traced them back to Abraham Nunes Ribeiro,
born c.1710 in Lisbon. .....<snip>
Does anyone know the following:

1. Whether records of the 1700s are available in Lisbon (assuming they survived
the earthquake of 1755)?
2. Whether there are records of the Jewish community in Curacao and how
these can be accessed?

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