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Daniel Gee <DanielGee@...>

Do you know of a family called NOVOKOLSKY?
They could have Anglicised their name to NOVAK or similar.
Could they be descended >from Lewis & Becky (Rebecca) NOVOKOLSKY?
Lewis NOVOKOLSKY married Becky (Rebecca) DOFF in the east end in 1926.
Their daughter, Nita, died as a baby - but they may have had more kids.
If you can help, please email me privately!
Thank you, in advance.
Daniel Gleek (London)

Also searching for surnames:
KUPCHIK and ISOWITZSKY >from Novo Odessa, Ukraine.
GLICK or GLEEK >from Riga to South Africa and Palestine.
TWERIA or TWEERIE >from Gorzhd.
LIDRAL or LEDDA >from Warsaw, Poland.

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