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Regarding finding of a grave in Israel, I would contact the Chevrah
Kedushah in Jerusalem who may be able to help. I have a telephone number
for them but I'm not sure of the prefix. The number is 972-2-538-4144.
There is also available a burial record for everyone buried on the Mount
of Olives >from 1760-1906. This is probably not a good source for you
since your relative died after that date.

The message above seems to imply that the Jerusalem H.evra Kadisha has
records for all Israel, which is not true. To be even more complete, there
are at least two such organizations in Jerusalem, one for Ashkenazim, the
other for Sfaradim -- again, for Jerusalem only. This is definitely the way
to go, if you know in which town your aunt lived/died, but it is crucial to
know that much, or to apply seperately to the organization in each candidate

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