JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Lithuania and Courland: when did the borders change? #general


The background.....
At the end of July 2004 I submitted a question about a place mentioned
on my greatgrandfather's UK naturalisation forms. According to these
forms my ggfather was born "in Lito in the province of Courland." I had
assumed that Lito is/was a town; however, several people (thank you)
suggested that the word may have been Lita (which means Lithuania).

My new question......
If the place of birth should have read "in Lithuania, in the province of
Courland", does this make historical, geographical and political sense
for the time? My ggfather was born in 1848 and he applied for
naturalisation when he was living in Liverpool, UK in about 1895.

I have tried to read up on this topic but the complexity of it makes me
dizzy! Thank you.
Alberta, Canada.

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