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Thank you for the information about the Long Form, but what is the URL?

For the newcomers to genealogy I think it would be very helpful that
every time a message is sent re finding this, that or the other information,
that the website be included. Even though I'm familiar with various web
sites, there have been times when I've had to write to the poster for the
name of the URL/website.

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On the New York City web site I recently asked how to be sure I would obtain
all the details of the birth record, and not simply a document containing
the date and certificate number. The reply was illuminating, both factually
and bureaucratically.

It began by assuming that I was inquiring about obtaining a copy of the
"Long Form" of the birth certificate. I couldn't have done so because I'd
never heard of it.

To get the most complete information you can mail the request in by
downloading the application off the City's Health Department website (for
really old records, the City's Archives) and completing it, providing
appropriate identification, and payment. You would have to write the words
"Long Form" on the top of the application. You can also obtain a birth
certificate using a credit card directly through the website or calling the
City at (212)788-4500. In all cases you would have to let them know you
want the long form of the birth certificate because if you don't you will
get the short form. If you go through the website, there will be a question
where they will ask you "what is the purpose of the certificate", and that
is where you would state "Long Form".

So that's how to get as much detail as possible. You have to ask for the
"Long Form", but the City's web site never mentions it.

Irwin Margiloff
Duarte, California

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