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CYNTHIA SHAW <cynthiashaw@...>

I wonder if anyone has had experience of visiting Oradea in Roumania. We
are going in October, and any information re a private guide or transport
etc. would be gratefully received.
We want to visit villages outside of Oradea and also any cemeteries, and
would prefer not to hire a car, but of course, we will if we have to.
Ideally, as we are flying into Budapest it would be preferable to get a taxi
from the airport to Oradea, which I think takes about three hours or so.If
anyone has done this, or can recommend another way, I'd be happy if they
would contact me.
The names we are researching in Oradea are Schwartz and Isaacs/Izak.
Thanks in advance to all.
Cynthia Shaw

MODERATOR NOTE: Please send all recommendations about guides, translators, and
the like privately.

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