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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
The use of a Acrostichon (acrostic) on a gravestone is a common custom
,not only under the Jews. If you walk in a cemetery in you home town I am
sure that you find a lot of gravestone with a Acrostichon. it is not one
book that you take it out, Jews normal used the book of psalm, the book
Song of Song or the book of Proverbs as a source for their inspiration .of
course you can also use you on source for the engraving on the tomb. It is
not a rule for this custom as I know.
Best regards
Ury Link

Subject: acrostic on gravestone
From: Elsie Duman <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 04:07:22 -0400
X-Message-Number: 4
My great-grandmother died and was buried in Philadelphia in 1916. Her grave
is marked with a vertical stone containing an acrostic poem, in Yiddish, of
her name, Genessa. Has anyone seen a similar marker? Was there a book
containing appropriate verses for names? Thanks for any information.
Elsie Duman

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