JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Dutch Ashkenazi Ethos #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Aubrey Jacobus wrote:

I have a 100% Polish ancestry : 50 years ago I married into a family
witha 75% Dutch ancestry to some mild eyebrow raising on both sides
:One of the more striking differences I observed in the ethos of both
groups was in the area of " Covert " ( respect ) :
e.g . to be left out of an invitation to a stone setting bysome
remote acquaintance was regarded as an unforgivable insult.

Dear Aubrey,

Maybe that's why people announce stone-settings in the JC along with
the hatches, matches and despatches?

By the way, I would have thought that "koved" (Yiddish corruption
of the biblical Hebrew word kavod, meaning "honor") would by
definition need to be "overt" rather than "covert." In fact,
"Covert Koved" strikes me as a great oxymoron! (-:) (Sorry,
couldn't resist that one!)

Judith Romney Wegner

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