JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen ViewMate 4642 and VM 4643: translation from Russian re: deaths of twins/soldiers #general

Steven Garber <shgarber@...>

Dear Jenners,

Please respond privately, and not to this list!
These twins were not my relatives. They were uncles of a friend of mine.
We're interested in learning the fate of three KARASIK sisters, too. Our
best guess is that they died at Pochep or Dnepropetrovsk. We don't know
their married names.

Thank you!

Steve Garber, of Denver
GARBER (Staryy Chartoriysk, Ukraine) BAR (Kolki, Ukraine (near Lutsk)).
LIFSCHES/LIFSCHITZ (Vashkovtsy, Ukraine; Israel)
GLASER (Vashkovtsy, Ukraine)
ZLOCZOWER (Vizhnitsa, Vashkovtsy, Milie, Ispas, Czarnohuzy, Chernovtsy
(all formerly in North Bukovina), Ukraine; Israel, elsewhere).
CHERGER (Staryy Chartoriysk/Lutsk area, Ukraine)


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