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Judith Romney Wegner

Tom Chatt wrote:

the Hebrew Subsription Lists (Sefer HaPrenumerantn). It is also one
of theprimary sources for Chester Cohen's _Shtetl Finder_. As it is
described, itseems to be a list of people who had prepaid for
various books to bepublished. It sounds like a fascinating resource,
as not only would it give you a list of names of people and their
villages, but it would let you know what they were reading! :-) Has
anyone seen this book before? Can someonedescribe in a bit more
detail what kind of information can be found in it? Also, is it
written in Yiddish or in English?
Dear Tom,

You are right about such a list being a valuable resource. It's
interesting to note that many Jews residing in London c.1800 joined a
subscription list in 1807 to pay for the publication of the first
edition of the David Levi mahzor (the first festival prayer book to
be published with English translation). This set of six volumes
became the model for all later English editions of the Mahzor).

Subscribers' names, listed (in English, of course) in volume 6 (the
Shavu'ot volume), include some of my own ancestors living in London
at the time. The names are listed alphabetically by name, with
street addresses. I seem to recall that the data on these
subscribers appears on the London Jews' Data Base website.

Judith Romney Wegner

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