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A few more thoughts about indexing -

For indexes for personal use anything which helps is ok. A published
transcription though, should stick to the details in the original document,
even if some details are known to be incorrect or incomplete. Some indexes
are published stand-alone without a transcription, sometimes they are
published with a transcription. Each type requires different considerations.

Some archivists and professional indexers insist an index should mimic the
details in the original, some allow a fair bit of latitude. A newly
compiled index as a finding aid is not part of the original document. For
instance, if it is known that a person listed in the record changed their
name >from Moses to Moss after the recorded event, one indexer would only
allow "Moses", while another might have both names in the index. The usual
practice when an index departs >from details in the original is to place a
preceding note explaining any conventions used.

re Angela Shire's index for the transcription of Great Synagogue marriages
- Her method of using "No Surname" for patronymics is one valid
interpretation for indexing the transcribed entry. She probably thought
long about it, and discussed it with others. My idea of using "bat xxx" was
prompted by the extra work as an end user of her index. Without that I
might not have thought about other ways to handle patronymics while
sticking as close as possible to the transcribed details.



Gary Luke mentioned one method which I routinely use when registering
incomplete names in my database and that is to append the father (or
mother's) name with ben or bat in the field for surname. To sometimes write
"unknown" is very poor practice as it is totally useless. If pressed for
time and I lack parents' first names, too, I make up a clearly substitute
surname by wife or husband's first name, thus: Miriam Moshewife Siegel for
Miriam married to Moshe Siegel. For an unknown married male, Unknown
Miramhusband (last name of wife). Does anyone have any comments about these
tools? It seems to help me sort families better even when I am told by my
program: husband and wife have same surname.
Avigdor Ben-Dov
Director of Special Projects
Yad LeZehava Holocaust Research Institute
Kedumim Israel

Gary Luke ~
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