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Dottie Miller

I have recently learned that there are children of GUGGENHEIMERs
from Ihringen, Baden, whose parents were deportedby the Nazis.
Marx GUGGENHEIMER, was deported >from Camp Recebedou in France to
Auschwitz, Dec 31, 1944.Karoline GUGGENHEIMERr nee GEISMAR, his wife,
was deported to Gurs Oct. 22nd 1940, was in Camps Recebvedou, Nexon,
Drancy and deported to Auschwitz March 7, 1944. Their children, Flora
BILDSTEIN and Irma FRANK, fled to the USA
Julie Jeanette GUGGENHEIMER nee WEIL, wife of Hermann GUGGENHEIMER
was deported >from Mannheim to Gurs, Recebedou, Marseille, Les Milles ?,
got free Dec. 24 1941 and could emigrate 1942 to the US. Hermann
GUGGENHEIMER deported >from Mannheim to Gurs, Recebedou, Less Milles, got
free Dec. 24, 1941, fled to the US. Their daughters Frieda and Martha
fled to the US
Lion Rosa nee GUGGENHEIMER, deported to Gurs, Rivesaltes, Drancy,
Oct. 14 42 to Auschwitz. There is a granddaughter living in New Jersey,
I am especially seeking these descendants who came to the USA or any
others anywhere. I am a direct descendant of Marx GUGGENHEIMER, son
Jakob GUGGENHEIMER (born 1765 in Ihringen) and his wife Karolina Gwendel
WEIL (born 1763), their son the cantor of Breisach synagogue, Joseph
GUGGENHEIMER ( born 1802 in Ihringen, died June 6, 1887 in Breisach. I
have found the descendants of all the cantor's children except for
Paulina, Marguerite, Nanette, and Rosa GUGGENHEIMER, all born in
Breisach between 1827 and 1849
Thank you in advance for any leads at all!
Dottie Miller
San Antonio, TX USA.
GUGENHEIM >from Breisach and Ihringen in Baden, Germany and New Orleans,
LA USA; WEIL >from Bretten and Eichstetten in Baden, Germany and New
Orleans and Washington LA, and Luling, TX USA; GERNSBACHER >from Buhl in
Baden, Germany and New Orleans, LA and Texas, USA; DREYFUS >from Brumath,
Duppigheim and Gerstheim, Alsace: MEYER >from Goersdorf, Alsace

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