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Alexander Sharon

Charles Mahler" wrote

Hello to You,
while researching the INTRATOR and/or INTRATER familiy I found in the
Yizkorbook of Stryj (Turka) name:Interator first name:(Baal Ha
Tartak).Could somebody explain what this means? A Google search although
expliciting the meaning of these words does not gfive me any insight to
this unusual first name.
Thank you.
Charles Mahler
Antwerp Belgium


Tartak in Polish means sawmill. Thus Intrater was the sawmill owner.
There is the village Iskon near town Dubiecko (west of Przemysl) in Poland
where S. Intrater was a sawmill owner during the Austrian rule and during
the interwar period.

D. Intrater had a sawmill and lumber business in town Strzylki (near Turka),
district Stary Sambor (currently in Ukraine) , and P. Intrator was in the
forestry business (owner) in Kotow, Dobromil region (currently north of town
Sanok, Poland).

You should check your inherited ownership rights to those properies.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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