JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: interim residences before leaving for the US, etc. #general

Sally M. Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

People moved around a lot more than most of us think! My grandfather was
supposed to have been born in Berdichev, and his brother, just a year or 2
younger said Odessa.

A lot depends on the exact question which was asked, also. 'Where were you
born' is different than'Where are you from' and both might get a different
answer than 'Where did you last live [before getting on this ship, perhaps].
For one cousin of mine, born 1868 or so, the first would be Marseilles,
France, the second, Augustow, Poland, the third, England. I have his
written answers to go on >from various documents.

So don't give up hope. Think about the answers and the questions and look
in all the places you might find more records.

Sally Bruckheimer
Chatham, NJ

"Since I never heard mention of
Lipkany before and since it is over 100 miles >from Starokonstantinov
(Ukraine), the place I've heretofore believed to be my ancestral home town,
I wonder if many Jews took up residence briefly in locations other than
their actual shtetlach of origin before departing for the US or other

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