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S. Harris <jewishgen@...>

I usually express my thanks for those who assist me with lookups
individually, as I would prefer others do- so as not to clutter up the
list-- but in this instance I have not only done that but wish to let
everyone know that there's no need for anyone else to help me out re:
"Mose Cohn."

As I mentioned, this was not the correct name for the proprietor
of E.M. Cohen & Sons in Des Moines. Not only that, it was amusing to
read that the census-taker got two of the children's names wrong: Mary
came out Marie and Eli was written as Hely.

Another census had Mary and Eli's brother, Sam(uel) listed as
Samy. (With an second "m" I would understand...)

Stacy Harris
Nashville, TN

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